Our Track record.

In the past 28 years, Operation of Hope has spent an average of 5.0% on administration costs and 95.0% on programs, becoming one of the most cost-effective volunteer surgical charities.

  • We keep overhead and admin costs low. Our “in house roll-up-your-sleeves” staff consists of 2 people and we work from our homes, keeping overhead to a minimum. Our founder has never taken a cent in salary since 1989. And, every volunteer pays for their own airfare. We also partner with other humanitarian “on the ground” groups such as Rotary and local citizens/volunteers.
  • We run Operation of Hope like a true charity. Our goal is to respect our donors and treat their donations with a great deal of trust. We hold ourselves accountable and will track how every dollar is spent – and how every donation creates an opportunity to change a child’s life. Our IRS 990’s are available upon request. And, we never sell or rent our mailing lists.
  • We empower local doctors and nurses through training. Our ultimate goal is to empower local surgeons and hospitals in the countries we serve so they can help patients in their own communities. We have never paid a local doctor for their services. All our care is free of charge to the hospital, the patients and their families.
  • We maximize the impact of every dollar raised. By keeping our overhead low and our productivity high, less money is spent on non-program expenses and more money is spent on what matters: surgeries that help children.

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